Se7en Season 01 Episode 55


Season 1 Episode 55 of Flicks XRayed is about the film Se7en. The hosts Jeff and Tony are joined our Our favorite Muffin, Sunny, The Nefarious Natasha and the return of our resident sound guy Bryan. This week the hosts are surprised with a game of Movie Quotes from our past episodes for a host face off for the coveted princess crown. So listen in as we discuss at length about Bad Buddy Cop Tropes, Alternate Ending Ideas, What’s in the box and So Much More.


Show Notes

Weekend at Bernie’s – IMDB
Silence of the Lambs – IMDBPodcast
Morgan Freeman- IMDB
Kevin Spacey – IMDB
The Usual Suspects – IMDB
A Million Ways to Die in the West – IMDB
Bubba Ho-Tep – IMDB
Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie – IMDB
Theodore Rex – IMDB
Mars Attacks – IMDBPodcast
Love Guru – IMDBPodcast
The Imitation Game – IMDBPodcast
Blazing Saddles – IMDBPodcast
End of Watch – IMDBPodcast
Mean Girls – IMDBPodcast
Starship Troopers – IMDBPodcast
Last Samurai – IMDBPodcast
Spice World – IMDBPodcast
Seven years in Tibet – IMDBPodcast
Braveheart – IMDBPodcast
Dr StrangeLove – IMDBPodcast
Brad Pitt – IMDB
The Ring – IMDB
Howard Shore – IMDB

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