Big Trouble in Little China 1986 Season 02 Episode 08


In this episode 08 of season 2 of Flicks XRayed we watch and review the Cult Classic movie Big Trouble in little China. The hosts Jeff and Tony are joined by Captain of the Pork Chop Express Devo and Newcomer Little Bastard Sorcerer Ryan. This week we play a game of Seven word Synopsis of Eighties Action Comedies for the coveted princess crown. So listen in as we discuss at length about Brothel Shift Changes, How useless the main character is, If we believe in Eastern Medicine and so much more.

Devo 3

Ryan 3

Tony 2.5

Jeff 2

10.5/20 52.5%


Show Notes

Acupuncture – Info
Commando – IMDB
True Lies – IMDB
Romancing the Stone – IMDB
Michael Douglas – IMDB
Danny Devito – IMDB
The Blues Brothers – IMDB
Beverly Hills Cop – IMDB
Adventures in Babysitting – IMDB
The Goonies – IMDB
Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure – IMDBPodcast
In the Army Now – IMDB
Bill Murray – IMDB
Stripes – IMDB
Rat Race – IMDB
Smokie and the Bandit – IMDB
The Cannonball Run – IMDB
Burt Reynolds – IMDB
The Karate Kid – IMDB
Short Circuit – IMDB
The Fugitive – IMDB
Escape From New York – IMDB
Road House – IMDB
Mortal Kombat – IMDB
Harry Potter – Info
Fight Club – IMDB
Lights in the Sky Podcast – Website

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