TonyTony is the main host of Flicks XRayed, a long time movie lover and consumer of the visual medium. Due to his insomnia he fills his unfortunate awake hours by watching all kinds of cinema. With a background in visual arts and graphic communications he loves to dig deep and dissect the medium of film. He loves all kinds of movies but his favorite movies he could think of when asked this question are Fight Club, Mallrats and Small Soldiers. When pressed for an answer his favorite movie snack is Nibs but if given a chance he would rather a large plate of loaded Nachos.

JeffJeff is the original co-host of Flicks XRayed, and engineer by trade and lover of the art of science which he uses to aide him when he examines movies for realism. When he is watching movies he likes to turn on the sub-title tracks in different languages to help him keep on top of his multi-lingual skills. Nothing pleases him more when he is able to drop an amazing pun that leaves the room speechless… with upset. If he had to pick his top three films they would be Shawshank Redemption, Gladiator and How to Train Your Dragon, and his favorite movie snack is Sour Patch Kids.

NatashaNatasha is one of Flicks XRayed’s regular guests and has also taken on the role of occasional co-host, she is an experienced baker (she makes some serious shortbread cookies) and an aspiring novelist. Natasha is interested in all things Star Wars, Role Playing Game’s, and Bio-Ware but loves nothing more than to binge Netflix with snacks and cider. She is also currently working towards a Bachelor or Arts Degree with a focus in medicine and criminal psychology. Her favorite movie genre is Suspense and Thrillers,and her favorite films include Star Wars (Original Trilogy), The Mummy and Silence of the Lambs. When asked what her favorite movie snack is she says she would like to be drowned in classic buttery movie theater popcorn.

BryanBryan is our resident tech guy and an IT nerd by trade and for fun and a regular guest of the show who has now taken on more of a co-host role. Bryan enjoys watching paint dry, staring into the abyss and contemplating our existence and believes that Donald Trump is a lizard person. Often he can be found with his hand down his pants looking at specs and pictures of new technology. His favorite genre is Hentai and his favorite films are Tinker Bell, Spiderman 3 and Glitter. When he is hungry he licks to dig into a big ol bag of gummy dicks.

CoreyCorey joined the Flicks XRayed Crew when he moved from Edmonton to Calgary. He enjoys Pina-Colatas, long walks on the beach and getting caught in the rain. When Corey is not being a spectacular family man he can be found with his nose glued to a screen either writing his novel, playing video games or watching movies. His favorite movies are The Prestige, Jurassic Park and Big Fish and he particularly loves watching Horror movies while munching on Skittles.

DevoDevo is our big cuddly teddy bear and and has also taken on the role of occasional co-host. In his spare time he is a competitive axe thrower and likes to compete in obstacle courses. Devo’s favorite movies are Varsity Blues, Shawshank Redemption, Starship Troopers but he will always sit down to watch any Action Comedy style movie. When he goes to the movies he always gets himself some Toxic Style Popcorn… whats that you ask, Triple Oil and Four Times the Seasoning Salt!

RyanRyan lives in a cave under a bridge, that the local villagers pay him a toll of Coke Zero in order to cross. He spends his time waiting to terrorize travelers watching Futurama on a loop and listening to all the Simpson’s commentaries. Ryan favorite films ate The Matrix and Basic and he ultimately loves thriller movies that have you guessing the whole way through. When watching movies he loves to pair with his Coke Zero a large Meat Covered Pizza to devour.