Street Fighter 1994 Season 02 Episode 11


In this, episode 11 of season 2 of Flicks XRayed we watch and review the Video Game Movie Adaptation Street Fighter. The hosts Jeff and Tony are joined by Super Solider Candidate Devo and from The For The Rest Of Us Podcast Bison Recruit Flash. This week we play a game of Directed By and Staring in of Video Game Adaptation Movies for the coveted princess crown. So tune in as we discuss at length about the The Legendary JCVD, Video Games, Esparonto and so much more.


Devo 3.5

Flash 5

Tony 4

Jeff 2.5

15/20 75%

Street Fighter

Show Notes

For The Rest Of Us Podcast – WebsiteTwitter
Flash Flannigan – Twitter
Timecop – Wiki
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Marvel vs Capcom – Wiki
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Double Dragon – IMDB
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Resident Evil – IMDB
Silent Hill – IMDB
House of the Dead – IMDB
Team America World Police – IMDBPodcast
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Blood Reyne – IMDB
Doom – IMDB
DOA Dead or Alive – IMDB
Street Fighter Legend of Chun Li – IMDB
Hitman – IMDB
Far Cry – IMDB
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The Angry Birds Movie – IMDB
Assassins Creed – IMDB
Warcraft – IMDB
Need For Speed – IMDB
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Metalica – Wiki
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Sylvester Stallone – IMDB
The Expendables – IMDB

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