Hellboy 2004 Season 02 Episode 12


In this, episode 12 of season 2 of Flicks XRayed we watch and review the Graphic Novel Movie Adaptation Hellboy. The hosts Jeff and Tony are joined by the gentlemen of the Ruckus Sessions Podcast, BPRD New Recruit Jesse, Cigar connoisseur Mike and Resident Demon Kody. This week we play a game of One star Reviews of Demon Movies for the coveted princess crown. So tune in as we discuss at length about the Props and Practical Effects, Guillermo del Toro, R Rated Super Hero Movies and so much more.


Jesse 4

Mike 5

Kody 4

Jeff 4

Tony 4

21/25 84%


Show Notes

Ruckus Sessions Podcast – Website, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook
Corrola Digital – Wiki
Thor Comics – Wiki
Norse Mythology – Wiki
Greek Mythology – Wiki
Percy Jackson – IMDB
Clash of the Titans – IMDB
Hercules – IMDB
Roman Mythology – Wiki
The Crow – IMDB
Spawn – IMDB
Passion of the Christ – IMDB
End of Days – IMDB
The Exorcist – IMDB
Angels and Demons – IMDB
Constantine – IMDB
Halloween 3 – IMDB
Ben Hur – IMDB
My Name is Bruce – IMDB
Evil Dead – IMDB
Avatar – IMDB
Jennifer’s Body – IMDB
This is the End – IMDB
Hellraiser – IMDB, Podcast
Moana – IMDB
Thir13en Ghosts – IMDB
Poltergeist – IMDB
Jeepers Creepers – IMDB
The Conjuring – IMDB
Real Life Annabelle Doll – Info
Horns – IMDB
Paranormal Activity – IMDB
Ray Park – IMDB
Haunting in Connecticut – IMDB
The Others – IMDB
Signs – IMDB
Insidious – IMDB
Army of Darkness – IMDB
Casablanca – IMDB
Pans Labyrinth – IMDB
Sin City – IMDB
Schindler’s List – IMDB
Norman Reedus – IMDB
Blade 2 – IMDB
Mimic – IMDB
Titan A.E. – IMDB – Podcast
Aaaaahh!! Real Monsters – IMDB
The Revenant – IMDB
Jurassic Park – IMDB
Furry Vengeance – IMDB
Bedazzled – IMDB
Loony Tunes Back In Action – IMDB
Deadpool – IMDB
Logan – IMDB
Watchmen – IMDB
Big Bang Wrecks Indiana Jones – YouTube
Big Trouble in Little China – IMDB
Mad Max: Fury Road – IMDB
Jason Momoa – IMDB
The Social Network – IMDB
The Lone Ranger – IMDB
The City of Lost Children – IMDB
Shrek – IMDB
Big Dobs Beard Balm – Website

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