Dr. Strangelove Season 01 Episode 21


Season 1 Episode 21 of Flicks XRayed is about the film Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb The hosts Jeff and Tony Joined by the Lovely Bryan, and Sound Gal Natasha to explore the alternate reality of what would happen if the cold war wasn’t so cold. Listen in as we eat ghost pepper gummies to see who can out last everyone and we discuss the Cold War, Dead Pan Satires,  and the works of legendary Stanley Kubrick.

Link Dump

Bose Headphones – Link

Dr. No – IMDB

James Bond – Info

Stanley Kubrik – IMDB

2001 A space odyssey – IMDB

The Shining – IMDB

The Shinning (Simpsons) – YouTube

Clockwork Orange – IMDB

MAD – Info

Ghost Pepper Candies – Link

Red Telephone – Info

Cold War – Info

Woody Allen – IMDB

Black Comedy – Info

Shakespeare – Info

Cuban Missile Crisis – Info

Red Alert Book – Link

Peter Sellars – IMDB

Murkin – Info

Sunglasses at night by Corey Hart – YouTube

Operation Paperclip – Info

Equal rights Amendment – Info

Brooklyn 99 – IMDB

Deadpan humour – Info

Archive.org – Link

Battlestar Galactica – IMDB

when Johnny Comes marching home – YouTube

Kennedy Assassination – Info

Spiderman movie Change – YouTube

James Earl Jones – IMDB

The Sandlot – IMDB

Sprint Commericals  – YouTube

Song that never ends – YouTube

Lamb Chop – IMDB

4:3 Aspect ratio – Info

Bert the Turtle – YouTube

Grapefruit Video (disclaimer NSFW) – YouTube

Fallout Video game series – Info

Escape from LA – IMDB

18 your first Family Guy episode – YouTube

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