Podcast Day Special – Spice World


In honor of international podcast day we are airing this very special episode of Flicks Xrayed. We went and checked out the nostalgia classic film Spice World put on by The Fifth Reel at the Plaza Theatre in Calgary. In this special episode Tony and Jeff enjoy the spiciness of Natasha while the sound guys are out with mono, aides or the plague who really knows anyway. Listen in as we talk about the Spice Girls, Talent Shows and So much more.


fifthreel plaza

The Fifth Reel

The Plaza Theatre Calgary

The Link Dump

We don’t need a Link Dump its the Spice Girls for crying out loud

Team America – IMDB
Girl power movement – Info
David Beckham – Info
Meat Loaf – IMDB
Radium Hot springs – Info
Gucchi – Info
Odango hair – Info
Backstreet boys – Info
*NSync – Info
Bee Gees – Info
The Pussycat Dolls – Info
INXS – Info
Nicole Scherzinger – Info
Eddie Murphy Child Battle – Info
Bryan Adams Duet – YouTube
Bend it like Beckham – IMDB
LA Galaxy – Info
Its raining men by Geri Halliwell – YouTube
Weather girls Green Screen Disaster – YouTube
London Olympics closing ceremony – YouTube
New spice girls – Info
Iqualit Nunavut – Info
Nelly Furtado – Info
Hugh Laurie – IMDB
Roger Moore – IMDB
Austin Powers – IMDB
Stephen Fry – IMDB
House TV show – IMDB
Jackie Kennedy – Info
Bond Girls – Info
Charlies Angels – IMDB
Elvis Costello – Info
Elton John – Info
Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels – IMDBPodcast
Sting – Info
S club 7 – Info
S club 7 Show – IMDB
Razzies – Info
Bob Hoskins – IMDB
Who Framed Roger Rabbit – IMDB
Beast Machines – IMDB
Transformers – IMDB


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