Small Soldiers Season 01 Episode 22

Season 1 Episode 22 of Flicks XRayed is about the film Small Soldiers The hosts Jeff and Tony Joined by English Josh, and Sound Guy Natasha. Listen in as discuss the Toys, Artificial Intelligence,  The 90’s and the Death of Phil Hartman.

Link Dump

This is Spinal Tap – IMDB

Small Soldiers Squad Commander – Info

Burger King figures – YouTube

Led Zeplin (Communication breakdown) – YouTube

Spice Girls (What you want) – YouTube

AC/DC – Info

Queen – Info

The Beatles – Info

Kayne West – Info

Robert Picardo – IMDB

Star Trek Voyager – IMDB

Arnold Schwarzeneggar – IMDB

Predator – IMDB

Commando – IMDB

Star Trek Nemesis – IMDB

Tommy Lee Jones – IMDB

Denis Leary – IMDB

Steve Irwin – IMDB

Encarta – Info

Fight or Flight response – Info

Crank – Info

Lite Brite – Info

Saturday Night Live – IMDB

Jingle all the way – IMDB

Troy Mclure – Info

Phil Hartman Murder – Info

Larry the Cable Guy – IMDB

Jingle all the Way 2 – IMDB

The Tooth Fairy 2 – IMDB

The Cable Guy – IMDB

Nazis – Info

Native American fight – Info

Vietnam War – Info

The Terminator – IMDB

Twelve Monkeys – IMDB

Ant-Man – IMDB

First Gulf War – Info

AI – Info

The Stick of Truth – Info

Jaden Smith – IMDB

Toy Story – IMDB

John Lennon – Info

Kirsten Dunst – IMDB

Jumanji – IMDB

Interview with the vampire – IMDB

Ball chinianan – YouTube

Ri¢hie Ri¢h- IMDB

Macaulay Culkin – IMDB


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