Starship Troopers Season 01 Episode 17


Season 1 Episode 17 of Flicks XRayed is about the film Starship Troopers, The hosts Jeff and Tony Joined by OG Sound Guy James who is pretty as always, and introducing the lovely Devo. Listen in as we discuss Facism and Military Governments, Equal Rights and Maritime Monster B-movies.


Link Dump

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Fascism – Info
Gastapo – Info
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Leverage – IMDB
Jarhead – IMDB
Breaking Bad – IMDB
Sleepy Hollow – IMDB
Birds of Prey – IMDB
Starship Troopers 3 – IMDB
Johnny Mnemonic – IMDB
Dragonheart – IMDB
Saw – IMDB
From Dusk Till Dawn (Series) – IMDB
the Frighteners – IMDB
Gary Busey – IMDB
Doogie Howser – IMDB
Harold and Kumar go to white castle – IMDB
How I met your Mother – IMDB
Dr. Horrible’s Sing along Blog – IMDB
Joss Whedon – IMDB
Writers strike – Info
Sharknado – IMDB
Piranhas – IMDBPodcast
Sharktopus – IMDB
Avalanche Sharks – IMDB
Toy Story – IMDB
Gonadectomy – Info
Motion Picture Rating Systems – Info
Deadpool – IMDB
Triple 9 – IMDB
Topless laws in Canada – Info
Bible Belt – Info
AGLC – Info
Bone Cement development – Info
Serenity – IMDB
Dragon Ball Z – IMDB
Buenos Aires – Info
Eight Legged Freaks – IMDB
Astroid Mitigation Plans – Info
Space Balls – IMDB
Imperial Star Destoyer – Info
The Golden Girls – IMDB
Rue McClanahan – IMDB
The Notebook – IMDB
Casablanca – IMDBPodcast

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