The Love Guru Season 01 Episode 29


Season 1 Episode 29 of Flicks XRayed is about the film The Love Guru. The hosts Jeff and Tony Joined by The Lovely Natasha, and the Resident Soundguy Bryan. Listen in as we discuss at length about Hockey’s Code of Combatants, Mike Myers as Austin Powers, Love Lessons, Bryan’s experience with Depak Choprah and So Much More.

7 Love Lessons from the Love Guru

By Natasha G.

  1. An act of kindness should not be preformed with the motivation of reciprocation
  2. Until a man learns to love himself he only loves three women named Anne, an-visible, an-flatible and an-job
  3. We need to know ourselves more before we can be happy with others
  4. You Should always make you loved ones a Quebec Pizza
  5. Love means you have a lot of C.O.C.K, Clarity Organization Charm and Knowledge
  6. Tell your Loved one to Be Loving and Open-hearted With My Emotions B.L.O.W.M.E
  7. You Must love Mike Myers to love this film



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