I know Who Killed Me Season 01 Episode 24


Season 1 Episode 24 of Flicks XRayed is our first Halloween episode and we decided to make is about the Razzie award winning film I Know Who Killed Me. In this episode the hosts Jeff and Tony Joined by the Beautiful Devo, and  Ugly Mug Sound Guy Bryan. Listen in as discuss bad Art Films, Strippers,  contrived movie cliches, the Downfall of Lindsay Lohan and so much more.


Link Dump

Parent trap – IMDB
Mean girls – IMDB
Freaky friday – IMDB
Jamie Lee Curtis – IMDB
Herbie Fully Loaded – IMDB
Fifty Shades of Grey – IMDB
Veggie Tales – IMDB
Pokemon (geodude) – Info
300 – IMDB
The Razzies – Info
Beverly Hills Cop – IMDB
Norbit – IMDB
A Thousand Words – IMDB
The Adventures of Pluto Nash – IMDB
Meet Dave – IMDB
Eddie Murphy – IMDB
Adam Sandler – IMDB
Jack & Jill – IMDB
The Do-Over – IMDB
The ridiculous 6 – IMDB
Trailer Park Boys – IMDB
Arrow – IMDB
Art Bell – Info
Spencers Gifts – Info
Eiffel 65 Blue –YouTube
Inception – IMDB
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery – IMDB
Sarah Jessica Parker – IMDB
Transvestite Donkey Witch – YouTube
Transformers – IMDB
Michael Bay – IMDB
Megan Fox – IMDB
Occam’s Razor – Info
Klingon Weapons – Info
Never Say Never – IMDB
Justin Bieber – Info

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