Hellraiser Season 01 Episode 25


Season 1 Episode 25 of Flicks XRayed is our second Halloween episode and we decided to make is about a classic piece of horror film history with Hellraiser. In this episode the hosts Jeff and Tony Joined by the German Brit Joshua, and unforgettable Sound Guy Bryan. Listen in as discuss history of costumes, things filmed in Calgary and the surrounding area, the Directorial Styles and so much more.

The Link Graveyard

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Fargo – IMDB
Hell on Wheels – IMDB
Interstellar – IMDB
The Revenant – IMDB
Inception – IMDB
Expendables 3 – IMDB
Cuff 48 hour film challenge – Info
David Cronenberg – IMDB
Clive Barker – IMDB
Videodrome – IMDB
The Fly – IMDB
The Thing – IMDB
Piranha 3D – IMDBPodcast
Quenten Tarantino – IMDB
Robert Rodriguez – IMDB
Dusk Till Dawn – IMDB
Pokemon – IMDB
Evil Dead – IMDB
Hellraiser Franchise – Info
Blade Runner – IMDB
Saw – IMDB
Immortel (ad vitam) – IMDBPodcast
The Hellbound Heart – IMDB
Top Gun – IMDB
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe – IMDB
Coil the lost hellraiser soundtrack – YouTube
Tool – Info
Trent Reznor – Info
Nine Inch Nails –  Info
The Social Network – IMDB
Cabin in the woods – IMDB
Tell Tale Heart –  Info
Cthulhu –  Info
Edger Allen Poe –  Info
H.P. Lovecraft –  Info
Steven King –  Info
Coulrophobia –  Info
Tripping the Rift – IMDB
John Wayne Gasey / Bobo the Clown – Info
Darth Binks theory – YouTube
the shinning – YouTube
the shining – IMDB
Stanley Kubrik – IMDB
Clockwork orange – IMDB
2001: A space Odyssey – IMDB
Dr. Strangelove – IMDBPodcast

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