The Fountain Season 01 Ep 30


Season 1 Episode 30 of Flicks XRayed is about the film The Fountain. The hosts Jeff and Tony Joined by The Lovely Natasha, and the Resident Soundguy Bryan. Listen in as we discuss at length a random pick that Jeff found at the pawn shop also about Continuous Head-Cannon, Religious Metaphors, Natasha’s quarter life crisis, Life, Death,Eternal Life, and So Much More.


Link Dump

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Manic – IMDB
Morven Callar – IMDB
Knowing – IMDB
Exorcist – IMDB
Shebulba Nebula – Wiki
Keith Richards – Wiki
Betty White – IMDB
The Terminator – IMDB
Immortel (Ad Vitam) – IMDBPodcast
Benny & Joon – IMDBPodcast
Noah – IMDB
Requiem for a Dream – IMDB
Black Swan – IMDB
Hinduism – Wiki
Christianity – Wiki
Budhism – Wiki
The Mummy – IMDB
Wolverine: Xmen Origins – IMDB
Kate & Leopold – IMDB
Tony Awards – Wiki
Chappie – IMDB
Real Steel – IMDB
Rock’em Sock’em Robots – Amazon
Eddy The Eagle – IMDB
Calgary 88 Winter Olympics – Wiki
Austin Powers – Wiki
Pluto Nash – IMDB
Norbit – IMDB
Flubber – IMDB
Nutty Professor – IMDB
Doctor Who – Wiki
Quantum Leap – IMDB
Scott Baccula – IMDB
The Last Samurai – IMDBPodcast
Spiderman – IMDB
Fantastic 4 – IMDB


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