Dragonslayer Season 01 Episode 28


Season 1 Episode 28 of Flicks XRayed is about a film straight from the dungeons of Disney Obscura, Dragonslayer. The hosts Jeff and Tony Joined by Sunny Muffin and his alter egos Steve Muffin and Mini Muffin, and the Resident Soundguy Bryan. Listen in as we discuss at length about Disney Dicks and Sideboobs, Dragons in Fantasy, Flaming Sith Emperors and So Much More.


Link Dump

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Dolores Umbridge – Wiki
Harry Potter – Wiki
Mr Bean Holiday – IMDB
Terry Fox – Wiki
Gandalf – Wiki
Lord of the rings – Wiki
Emperor Palpatine – Wiki
Star Wars – Wiki
Ghostbusters 2 – IMDB
Ghostbusters – IMDB
George R.R. Martin – Wiki
Rodger Ebert – Wiki
The Thing – IMDB
Empire Strikes Back – IMDB
Jurassic Park – IMDB
Dragonite – Wiki
D&D Monster Manual – Amazon
Crocodile Dundee – IMDB
Reign of Fire – IMDB
Mathew McConaughey – IMDB
The Hobbit – Wiki
Wyvern – Wiki
Godzilla – IMDB
2001 a Space Odyssey – IMDB
Tropes – Word of the Day
Kira Knightly – IMDB
Don Knotts – IMDB
The Beastmaster – IMDB
Pathfinder – IMDB
Excalibur – IMDB
The Sword and the Stone – IMDB
Leverage – IMDB
Back to the Future Part II- IMDB
DBZ Abridged – IMDB
Weekend at Burnie’s – IMDB
Dragonheart – IMDB
Dungeons and Dragons Cartoon – IMDB
Reboot – IMDB
Mighty Max – IMDB
He-Man – IMDB
Pete’s Dragon – IMDB
The Black Cauldron – IMDB
Dudlee the Dragon – IMDB
Warcraft – IMDB
The Andromada Strain – IMDB
Flight of the Navigator – IMDB
Dinosaurs – IMDB

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