Labyrinth Season 01 Episode 34


Season 1 Episode 34 of Flicks XRayed is about the film Labyrinth. The hosts Jeff and Tony Joined by First time guests Joe and Brandon while Resident Soundguy Bryan sits in the corner playing the Labyrinth text based adventure game. Listen in as we discuss at length about Jim Hansens puppets, Crazy Fan Theories, David Bowie’s wonderful Buldge and So Much More.


Link Dump

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Benicio Del Toro – IMDB
Zoolander – IMDB
Donald Trump – Wiki
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Monty Python – Wiki
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Multiple Sarah Fan Theory – Link
David Bowie Fairy Fan Theory – Link
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Tron Legacy – IMDB
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Lemmy – Wiki
Motörhead – Wiki
Die Hard – IMDBPodcast
George Lucas- IMDB
Terry Gilliam – IMDB
Harry Potter – Wiki
J.K. Rowling – Wiki

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