Space Jam Season 01 Episode 35


Season 1 Episode 35 of Flicks XRayed is about the film Space Jam. The hosts Jeff and Tony are joined by First time guest Jad and our Resident Soundguy Bryan. Listen in as we discuss at length about R. Kelly’s Golden Showers, Animation and Real life mash Ups, Basketball Actors, 90’s Nostalgia and Also we Find out about Jeff’s Engineering Film Making Flashbacks, all this and So Much More.


Link Dump

Space Jam 2 – IMDB
Flash Gordon – IMDB
Queen – Wiki
Chris Rock – Wiki
Barry White – Wiki
Space Jam Soundtrack – Wiki
Fly like an Eagle – Youtube
R Kelly – Wiki
Trapped in the Closet – Wiki
Mighty Ducks Franchise – Wiki
Mighty Ducks Cartoon – IMDB
Jamaican Bobsled Team 1988 Olympics – Wiki
Jim Belushi – IMDB
Tim Curry – IMDB
Tony Jay – IMDB
Reboot – IMDB
Hunch Back of Notre Dame – IMDB
James Avery – IMDB
Fist of the North Star – IMDB
TMNT – Wiki
Billy West – IMDB
Futurama – IMDB
Simpsons – IMDB
Dan Castelleneta – IMDB
Patricia Heaton – Wiki
Aladdin – IMDB
Aladdin Return of Jafar – IMDB
Aladdin King of Thieves – IMDB
Danny Devito – IMDB
Bill Murray – IMDB
Madonna – Wiki
Charles Barkley – Wiki
Street Fighter – Wiki
Loony Tunes – Wiki
Family Guy Bugs Bunny Shooting – YouTube
Road Runner – Wiki
Rabbit of Seville – YouTube
Hillbilly Hare – YouTube
What’s Opera Doc – YouTube
Bugs Bunny Opera – Youtube
1001 Rabbit Tales – IMDB
Bugs Bunny and Tweety Show – IMDB
Tiny Toon Adventures – IMDB
Tiny Toons Adventures: Wacky Sports Challenge – Wiki
The Audience in Now Deaf – Youtube
Space Jam Playstation Game – Wiki
Legend of Dragoon – Wiki
Activision – Wiki
Patrick Ewing – Wiki
Chicago Bulls – Wiki
Toronto Raptors – Wiki
Vancouver Grizzlies  – Wiki
Ugliest Sports Jersey – Link
Larry Bird – Wiki
Larry Johnson – Wiki
Shawn Bradley – Wiki
Muggsy Bogues – Wiki
Wayne Knight – IMDB
Immortel – IMDBPodcast
Matrix Zooloaded – Youtube
A Million Ways to Die in the West – IMDB
Fantastic 4 – IMDB
Hanes – Wiki
Nike – Wiki
Wheaties – Wiki
McDonalds – Wiki
Product Placement – Wiki
Hellraiser – IMDBPodcast
Netscape Navigator – Wiki
Magic Johnson – Wiki
Thor – IMDB
Wolverine Origins Leak – Wiki
Kazaam – IMDB
Shaq – Wiki
Dan Aykroyd – IMDB
Matilda – IMDB
Solid Snake – Wiki
Yellow Submarine – IMDB
Never Say Never – IMDB
Austin Powers – IMDB
Britney Spears – Wiki
Tom Cruise – IMDB
Gwyneth Paltrow – IMDB
Kevin Spacey – IMDB

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