Die Hard Season 01 Episode 32


Season 1 Episode 32 of Flicks XRayed is about the classic Christmas film Die Hard. The hosts Jeff and Tony are joined by The Lovely Devo and the Resident Soundguy Bryan, who shows up with a Die Hard rendition of twas the night before Christmas. Listen in as we discuss at length about HVAC Systems, The Mighty Career of Alan Rickman, Bruce Willis going bald and So Much More.


Twas the Night Before Die Hard

by Bryan

Twas the night befor christmas and all through the tower
rich men and women the ones with all the power

the mood was festive yet the walls were all bare
For they were about to get destroyed as bruce willis was there

The colegues were drunk and the CEO Dead
For not giving them the code he got a bullet to the head

By who you should ask could combe up with such a plan
Why a gang of thugs of course and alen rickman

When up above rose such a clatter
They sent some guys to floor 32 to see what was the matter

The german was killed becasue he didnt know how to shoot
Bruce willis was pissed because his foot couldnt fit in the boot

With an infinate supply of ammo bruce ran around the roof
Sargent al bought some doughnuts for his wife of which he had no proof

Al aproached the tower but the front door was sealed
But the silence was distrubed by a courpse through his windsheild

The news reporter ran to the scene and acted like a prick
As we veiwed him on screen we proudly proclaimed this man has no dick

The cops stormed the door and got shot all to hell
The Breakfast club principle was useless as the tank got hit by a shell

Alen rickman went looking for detonators he began to speak with an accent
But his gun was empty maybe he shouldnt have shot the president

Bruce ran over some glass and bled like a bitch
Pulled out a glass sliver and stopped the bleeding without a hitch

The johnsons said cut the power it was a stupid move
It opened the vault and Bruce willis did not approve

The Hostages ran away as bruce swung his gun
Tied a fire hose around his stomach and began to run

But AHHH he yelled as the C4 Ignited
Perhaps that explosion was a bit short sighted

Bruce willis found more crap and taped a gun to his back
Alan Rickman fell to his death and ended with a splat

And as Bruce left the tower his speach made my anus pucker
Merry Christmas to all and Yipee Ki yay Motherfucker


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