Fright Night Part 2 2011 Season 02 Episode 01


The inaugural episode of season 02 of Flicks XRayed is a follow-up to our anniversary episode and we watch and review the 2011 remake film, Fright Night. The hosts Jeff and Tony are joined by The Standard Nerd Best Friend Natasha and the Washed Up Vampire Killer Devo. This week we play a game called Seven Word Remake Movies for the coveted princess crown. So listen in as we discuss at length about Casting Choices, Vampire Rules, Sexy Bad Boy Vampires and So Much More.

Our rating

Natasha 4
Devo 3.5
Jeff 4
Tony 4

16/20 80%


Episode Notes

KinkShaming – Link
Bon Cop Bad Cop – LinkEpisode
Sponge Bob I’m Ready – Link
The Karate Kid – OriginalRemake
The Omega Man – Link
Will Smith – Link
I am Legend – Link
Piranhas 3D – OriginalRemakeEpisode
Little Shop of Horrors – OriginalRemake
Evil Dead – OriginalRemake
Carrie – OriginalRemake
The Ring – OriginalRemake
The Stepford Wives – OriginalRemake
Nicole Kidman – Link
Nancy Drew – Link
The Fly – OriginalRemake
The Mummy – OriginalRemake
Inspector Gadget – Link
Toy Story – Link
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde – Link
Rick and Morty – Link
Abercrobie and Fitch – Link
American Eagle – Link
Andrew Garfield – Link
McLovin – Link
Michael Cera – Link
Doctor Who – Link
Beavis and Butthead- Link
Wayne Knight – Link
Wolverine – Link
Hugh Jackman – Link
Kate and Leopold – Link
Australia – Link
The Fountain – LinkEpisode
Robert Downey Jr – Link
Iron Man – Link
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – Link
Sherlock Holmes – Link
Benedict Cumberbatch – Link
Vincent Price – Link
Criss Angel – Link
Hardy Cartes Jr – Link
Mad eye Moody – Link
Jessica Jones – Link
Russel Brand – Link
Fight Club – Link
Christopher Eccleston – Link
Vinnie Jones – Link
Joe Pesci – Link
Tom Hardy – Link
Mad Max: Fury Road – Link
The Revanent – Link
Th O.C. – Link
Jason Momoa – Link
Conan The Barbarian – Link
Arnold Schwarzenegger – Link
Twilight – Link
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter – Link
The Princess Bride – LinkEpisode
Chris Sarandon – Link
Susan Sarandon – Link
Creature From The Black Lagoon – LinkEpisode
The Mummy – Link
Dark Universe – Link
Tom Cruise – Link
The Last Samurai – LinkEpisode
Tom Cruise Jumps On Couch – Link
Scientology – Link
From Dusk till Dawn – Link
Supernatural – Link
Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Link

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