Jurassic Park 1993 Season 02 Episode 02


In this episode of season 2 of Flicks XRayed we watch and review the 1993 dinosaur classic Jurassic Park. The hosts Jeff and Tony are joined by Triceratops Dung Diver Devo, Cyber Security Hacker James, and introducing for the first time the Chaotician Orin. This week we play a game called Movies from the Characters Perspective for the coveted princess crown. So listen in as we discuss at length about Dinosaur Resurrection, Fan Theories, The Steven Spielberg and John Williams duo and So Much More.

Here are Orins links! Website // Facebook

Our rating

James 5
Devo 5
Orin 5
Tony 4.5
Jeff 4.5

24/25 96%


Show Notes

Steam Punk Rally – WebsiteYouTube
Santorini – Website
Brass – Website
Konami – Website
Kermit the Frog – Wiki
Saw – IMDB
Steven Spielberg – IMDB
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial  – IMDB
Saving Private Ryan – IMDB
Jaws – IMDB
Schindler’s List – IMDB
Catch Me if You Can – IMDB Podcast
Hook – IMDB Podcast
War of the Worlds – IMDB
Minority Report – IMDB
The Terminal – IMDB
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom – IMDB
Betrayal at House on the Hill – Wiki
The Downfall of Pompeii – Website
Magic the Gathering – Website
Game of Thrones Card Game – Website
John Williams – IMDB
Danny Elfman – IMDB
Wayne Knight – IMDB
Battle Royale – IMDB
Dino-Riders – IMDB
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs – IMDB
Godzilla – Wiki
Samuel L Jackson – IMDB
Michael Crichton – Wiki
Timeline – IMDB
Sphere – IMDB
Mammoth in Ice  – Website
SNES Jurassic Park – Wiki
Pokemon – Wiki
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Jurassic World – IMDB
Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad – IMDB
Zoolander – IMDB
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Team America: World Police – IMDBPodcast
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Book V.S. Movie Morals – Youtube
Amistad – IMDB
Close Encounters of the Third Kinds – IMDB
Fifty Shades of Grey – IMDBPodcast
Fifty Shades Darker – IMDB

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