The Faculty 1998 Season 02 Episode 17


In this, episode 17 of season 2 of Flicks XRayed we watch and review the super 90’s movie The Faculty for our Halloween month. The hosts Jeff and Tony are joined by Worm Infested Bryan and Stereotypical Nerd Orin. This week we play a game of One Star reviews of Alien Invasion movies for the coveted princess crown. So tune in as we discuss at length about the Bad Movie Drugs, Teenage Archetypes, Alien Invasion strategies and so much more.


Bryan 2.5

Orin 3

Tony 3

Jeff 2.5

13/20 65%


Show Notes

Saw – IMDB
Attack on the Block – IMDB
The Mist – IMDB
Arrival – IMDB
Titanic – IMDB
Fifth Element – IMDB
Cloverfield – IMDB
Gremlins – IMDB
Knowing – IMDB
Contact – IMDB
Howard the Duck – IMDB
Garfield a Tail of Two Kitties – IMDB
Event Horizon – IMDB
The Shining – IMDB
Mars Attacks! – IMDB
Austin Powers – IMDB
Pacific Rim – IMDB
Escape from LA – IMDB
Starship Troopers – IMDB
Battle Los Angeles – IMDB
The Big Lebowski – IMDB
Scream – IMDB
Invasion of the Body Snatchers – IMDB
Puppet Masters – IMDB
The Tuxedo – IMDB
Breaking Bad – IMDB
Logan’s Run – IMDB
American Pie – IMDB
Hackers – IMDB
I know what you did last Summer – IMDB
Are you afraid of the Dark – IMDB
It Follows – IMDB
Jennifer’s Body – IMDB
Alien vs Predator Requrium – IMDB
The Abyss – IMDB
Flipper – IMDB
Free Willy – IMDB
Splash – IMDB
Se7en – IMDB
Brick – IMDB
Spy Kids – IMDB
Benny & Joon – IMDB
Wireless game adapter podcast – iTunes

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