When A Stranger Calls Season 02 Episode 18


In this, episode 18 of season 2 of Flicks XRayed we watch and review for the month of Halloween the 2006 Thriller When A Stranger Calls. The hosts Jeff and Tony are joined by our own resident Teenage Babysitter Jace. This week we play a game of Bad Thriller Movie Haikus for the coveted princess crown. So tune in as we discuss at length about The Crazy Large House, Babysitting Sitting Stories, Small Cast Horrors and so much more.


Jace 3

Jeff 3.5

Tony 3.5


13/20 65%


Show Notes

Troll Hunter – IMDB
Trolls 2 – IMDB
Army of Darkness – IMDB
I Know Who Killed Me – IMDB
Parent Trap – IMDB
Tucker and Dale Vs Evil – IMDB
Lake Placid – IMDB
Beetlejuice – IMDB
Young Frankenstien – IMDB
13 Ghosts – IMDB
Knowing – IMDB
Children of the Corn – IMDB
A Lady in the Water – IMDB
Signs – IMDB
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes – IMDB
When A Stranger Calls Back – IMDB
Freaky Stories – IMDB
Are You Afraid of the Dark – IMDB
Ryan Gosling – IMDB
Black Christmas – IMDB
Halloween – IMDB
Love Guru – IMDB
Scream – IMDB
Scream Series – IMDB
Disturbia – IMDB
Fright Night 2011 – IMDB
I know what you did last Summer – IMDB
Hostle – IMDB
A Perfect Stranger – IMDB
A lonely Place to Die – IMDB
Nightcrawler – IMDB
One Hour Photo – IMDB
Unfriended – IMDB
Cry_Wolfe – IMDB

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