Revenge of the Nerds 1984 Season 02 Episode 16


In this, episode 16 of season 2 of Flicks XRayed we watch and review the movie Revenge of the Nerds. The hosts Jeff and Tony are joined by Reigning Trojan Horse Champion Devo and Resident Nerd Bryan. This week we play a game of Seven Arbitrary Words of College Movies for the coveted princess crown. So tune in as we discuss at length about the Out Dated Technology, Immoral Nerds, Trivia Games and so much more.


Bryan 4.5

Devo 3.5

Tony 3

Jeff 3

14/20 70%


Show Notes

Dungeons and Dragons – Wiki
Crypto Currancy – Wiki
Bit Coins – Wiki
Scooby Doo – IMDB
Waterboy – IMDB
Animal House – IMDB
Van Wilder – IMDB
22 Jump Street – IMDB
Accepted – IMDB
Sydney White – IMDB
Step Up 2 – IMDB
Pitch Perfect – IMDB
Legally Blond – IMDB
House Bunny – IMDB
Good Will Hunting – IMDB
Old School – IMDB
Michio Kaku – Wiki
Night at the Roxberry – IMDB
Brock Turner – IMDB
Aliens – IMDB
GI Jane – IMDB
Larry Flynn – IMDB
Hugh Hefner – IMDB
Daft Punk – Wiki
Devo – Wiki
The Village People – Wiki
Beat the Geeks – IMDB
John’o’vision – IMDB
You Don’t Know Jack – IMDB
Doogie Howzer – IMDB
Computer Beach Party – IMDB

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