Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988) Season 07 Episode 07

Bloody Impressive, Epic Crossover, Fucking Fantsatic, Cartoon Chaos these are the words we are using to describe this weeks pick. Welcome to episode seven of season 7 of Flicks XRayed, this week we have to save toon town and are reviewing Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Host, One Seriously Disturbed Toon Tony is joined by co-host Burbank Jokester Taylor and guests Dying of Laughter Joe, and Sourpuss Phil. This week we play a game of Release Year for Private Eye Movies, The Price is Right and The Flicks Awesome Lodge Word Game. So tune in as we discuss at length about Bob Hoskins, Animation, Target Audiences, and sooo much more.

Our Ratings

Sourpuss Phil 4.5
Dying of Laughter Joe 4
Burbank Jokester Taylor 5
One Seriously Disturbed Toon Tony 4.5

18/20             90%

Synopsis and Starring

Synopsis: Down-on-his-luck private eye Eddie Valiant gets hired by cartoon producer R.K. Maroon to investigate an adultery scandal involving Jessica Rabbit, the sultry wife of Maroon’s biggest star, Roger Rabbit. But when Marvin Acme, Jessica’s alleged paramour and the owner of Toontown, is found murdered, the villainous Judge Doom vows to catch and destroy Roger.

Directed by Robert Zemeckis      


Bob Hoskins as Eddie Valiant
Charles Fleischer as Roger Rabbit
Judge Doom as Christopher Lloyd
Alan Tilvern as R.K. Maroon
Kathleen Turner as Jessica Rabbit
Stubby Kaye as Marvin Acme

Game 1

Release Year for Detective Movies

Who Framed Roger Rabbit.……….1988

  1. Chinatown.……….1974
  2. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.……….2005
  3. The Big Sleep ……….1946
  4. Dead Men Dont Wear Plaid……….1982
  5. Murder on the Orient Express……….1974
  6. Knives Out.……….2019
  7. The Nice Guys……….2016
  8. Sherlock Holmes……….2009
  9. The Maltese Falcon……….1941
  10. Ace Ventura Pet Detective.……….1994
  11. Fletch……….1985

Game 2

The Figures

Budget $70,000,000 (estimated)
Foreign: $173,351,588
Bonus 1: (Opening Weekend 1,045 Theaters)$11,226,239
Rotten Tomatoes Ratings
Critic Ratings:
Audience Ratings:

IMDB Rating:77% (7.7)

Game 3

The Awesome Lodge Word Game

Wrong Guy Movies – Joe

  1. North by Northwest
  2. The Big Lebowski
  3. Galaxy Quest
  4. Life of Brian
  5. Lucky Number Slevin
  6. The Three Amigos
  7. Brazil
  8. Date Night
  9. The Great Dictator
  10. Tuker and Dale vs. Evil

Animation & Real Life blended movies – Phil

  1. Space Jam
  2. Monty Python and the Holy Grail
  3. Cool World
  4. Mary Poppins
  5. Pete’s Dragon
  6. Chip n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers
  7. The Spongebob Squarepants Movie
  8. Osmosis Jones
  9. Bedknobs and Broomsticks
  10. Enchanted

80’s Movies based on Books – Joe

  1. The Princess Bride
  2. First Blood
  3. Die Hard
  4. Fast Times at Ridgemont High
  5. Blade Runner
  6. Field of Dreams
  7. Stand By Me
  8. Scarface
  9. The Neverending Story
  10. The Blue Lagoon

Crossover Movies – Phil

  1. Alien vs Predator
  2. Van Helsing
  3. Godzilla vs King Kong
  4. Avengers
  5. Batman v Superman
  6. Wreck-it Ralph
  7. Abbot and Castello meet Frankenstien
  8. The Lego Movie
  9. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
  10. Rugrats Go Wild


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