John Carpenter’s Halloween Season 02 Episode 21


In this, episode 21 of season 2 of Flicks XRayed we watch and review for the month of Halloween the original John Carpenter’s Halloween. The hosts Jeff and Tony are joined by Boogyman Expert Joe and Slutty Teenage girl Corey. This week we play a game of explain a Slasher movie POV for the coveted princess crown. So tune in as we discuss at length about The History of Slashers, Shoestring Budgets, The Iconic Mask and so much more.


Joe 3

Corey 4

Jeff 2.5

Tony 4.5

14/20 70%


Show Notes

Friday the 13th – IMDB
Scream – IMDB
Nightmare on Elm Street – IMDB
Texas Chainsaw Massacre – IMDB
Psycho -IMDB
My Bloody Valentine – IMDB
Prom Night – IMDB
I know What you did last Summer – IMDB
The House on Sorority Row – IMDB
Saw – IMDB
Childs Play – IMDB
When a Stranger Calls – IMDB
Jaws – IMDB
Trapped In The Closet by R. Kelly – IMDB
Jumanji – IMDB
Austin Powers – IMDB
This Is It – IMDB
Behind the Mask – IMDB
It Follows – IMDB
Scary Movie – IMDB

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