Rob Zombie’s halloween Season 02 Episode 20


In this, episode 20 of season 2 of Flicks XRayed we watch and review for the month of Halloween Rob Zombie’s Halloween. The hosts Jeff and Tony are joined by our own resident Teenage Babysitter in Peril Jace and Slasher Movie Enthusiast Phil. This week we play a game of explain a Horror movie plot badly for the coveted princess crown. So tune in as we discuss at length about Rob Zombie, Sympathizing for the Killer, Gore, Nudity and so much more.


Jace 4

Phil 4.5

Tony 3

Jeff 3.5

15/20 75%


Show Notes

Jack White – 16 Saltines – YouTube
Michael Cera – IMDB
Jonny Depp – IMDB
Mike Myers – IMDB
Friday The 13th – IMDB
Nightmare on Elm Street – IMDB
Scream – IMDB
Ginger Snaps – IMDB
I know what you did last summer – IMDB
Texas Chainsaw Massacure – IMDB
House of A Thousand Corpses – IMDB
Saw – IMDB
Final Destination – IMDB
Candyman – IMDB
House of Wax – IMDB
Child’s Play – IMDB
Idiocricy – IMDB
The Purge – IMDB
Spy Kids – IMDB
Machette – IMDB
Robert Rodrigez – IMDB
One Flew Over The Cookoos Nest – IMDB
I Know Who Killed Me – IMDB
Parent Trap – IMDB
Hellraiser – IMDB
Devil’s rejects – IMDB
The Shining – IMDB
Rugrats Go To Paris – IMDB
Spiderman 3 – IMDB
E.T. The Extraterestial – IMDB
Fight Club – IMDB
Chasing Amy – IMDB
The Silence of the Lambs – IMDB
Adventures in Babysitting – IMDB
Shutter Island – IMDB
Hills Have Eyes – IMDB
Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil – IMDB
Silent Hill – IMDB
When A Stranger Calls – IMDB
Dawn of the Dead – IMDB
Shaun of the Dead – IMDB
Dead or Alive – IMDB
Eastern Promises – IMDB
Nymphomaniac – IMDB
Lord of the Rings – IMDB

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