Real Steel (2011) Season 06 Episode 48

Boxing Dad, Robot Rocky, Better Transformers, Animal Cruelty these are the words we are using to describe this weeks pick. Welcome to episode forty-eight of season 6 of Flicks XRayed, this week we are competing for the fighting robot championship and are reviewing Real Steel. Host, Noisy Boy Tony is joined by co-host Charlie Funland Robot from Scooby Doo Bryan and guests Bottom-Rung Scrap-Fest Darcy, and Rockem Sockem Colin. This week we play a game of Cast Mates for Hugh Jackman Movies, The Price is Right and The Flicks Awesome Lodge Word Game. So tune in as we discuss at length about Fighting Robots, Deadbeat Dads, Movie Vehicles, and sooo much more.

Our Ratings

Likes a good cup of Tea Ashley 4.75
Bottom-Rung Scrap-Fest Darcy 3.5
Charlie Funland Robot from Scooby Doo Bryan 3.5
Noisy Boy Tony 3

13/20             65%

Synopsis and Starring

Synopsis: Charlie Kenton used to be a prizefighter but lost his chance to win a title when heavy, towering robots took over the boxing ring. Now working as a small-time promoter, Charlie pieces together scrap metal into low-end fighters, barely earning enough to make it from one underground venue to the next. After hitting rock bottom, Charlie reluctantly teams with his estranged son, Max, to build and train a championship robot for a last shot at redemption.

Directed by Shawn Levy


Hugh Jackman as Charlie Kenton
Dakota Goyo as Max Kenton
Evangeline Lilly as Bailey Tallet
Anthony Mackie as Finn
Kevin Durand as Ricky
Olga Fonda as Farra Lemkova
Karl Yune as Tak Mashido

Game 1

Cast Mates for Hugh Jackman Movies

Real Steel.………. Robert Downy Jr

  1. X-Men.……….Ben Hardy
  2. The Fountain.………. Paul Giamattie
  3. Les Miserables……….Judy Dench
  4. The Greatest Showman……….Monica Bellucci
  5. Chappie……….Gillian Anderson
  6. Rise of the Gaurdians.……….Amanda Seyfried
  7. Flushed Away……….Kelsey Grammer
  8. The Prestige……….Jessica Biel
  9. Van Helsing……….Mila Jovovich
  10. Swordfish.………. Val Kilmer
  11. Kate & Leopold……….Christian Slater

Game 2

The Figures

Budget $145,000,000 (estimated)
Foreign: $213,800,000
Bonus 1: (Opening Weekend 3440 Theaters)$27,319,677
Rotten Tomatoes Ratings
Critic Ratings:
Audience Ratings:

IMDB Rating:70% (7.0)

Game 3

The Awesome Lodge Word Game

Boxing Movies – Colin

  1. Raging Bull
  2. Rocky
  3. Million Dollar Baby
  4. The Fighter
  5. Ali
  6. Creed
  7. When We Were Kings
  8. Cinderella Man
  9. The Champ
  10. Southpaw

Movies with Robots – Darcy

  1. Pacific Rim
  2. I Robot
  3. Transformers
  4. Big Hero Six
  5. Bicentennial man
  6. The Terminator
  7. Robots
  8. Short Circut
  9. Small Soldiers
  10. The Iron Giant

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