Haggard (2003) Season 06 Episode 19

I’m Old, Liquid Garbage, Dafuq Question-mark,Just Why, these are the words we are using to describe this weeks pick. Welcome to episode nineteen of season 6 of Flicks XRayed, this week we are very high and are reviewing Haggard. Host, Shit Stealer Tony is joined by co-host Whore About Grapes Sarah and guests Fat Hedonism Person Ryan, and Halfassed Pirate CDuff. This week we play a game of Release Year of Romcom Movies, The Price is Right and The Flicks Awesome Lodge Word Game for the coveted pretty princess crown. So tune in as we discuss at length about Skateboarding, Low Budget Films, Jackass, and sooo much more.

Our Ratings

Halfassed Pirate CDuff 2

Fat Hedonism Person Ryan 0

Whore About Grapes Sarah -1

Shit Stealer Tony 1

2/20 10%

Synopsis and Starring

Synopsis:  A young man begins to suspect that his ex-girlfriend, Glauren, has been having a secret affair with Hellboy, so he enlists his friends to help him discover the truth.

Directed by Bam Margera

Ryan Dunn as Ry
Bam Margera as Valo
Brandon DiCamillo as Falcone
Jennifer Rivell as Glauren
Rakeyohn as Hellboy

Game 1

IMDB Synopsis for Romcom Movies


  1. Along Came Polly……….2004
  1. Leap Year……….2010
  1. 10 Things I Hate About You.……….1999
  1. Boomerang………. 1992
  1. French Kiss……….1995
  1. About Time……….2013
  1. Shaun of the Dead……….2004
  1. Blind Date……….1987
  1. The Proposal……….2009
  2. The Ugly Truth……….2009
  3. Chasing Liberty……….2004

Game 2

The Figures

Budget $500,000 (estimated)
Bonus 1: Opening Weekend Theaters$NA
Rotten Tomatoes Ratings
Critic Ratings:
Audience Ratings:

IMDB Rating:63% (6.3)

Game 3

The Awesome Lodge Word Game

Movies with Break Ups – Ryan

  1. The Breakup
  2. Orange County
  3. Marriage Story
  4. Forgetting Sarah Marshall
  5. Legally Blonde
  6. 500 Days of Summer
  7. The Wedding Singer
  8. La La Land
  9. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
  10. The Holiday

Movies with Musicians – CDuff

  1. 8 Mile
  2. The Big Lebowski
  3. Purple Rain
  4. Yesterday
  5. Tenacious D: The Pick Of Destiny
  6. Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome
  7. Labyrinth
  8. The Blues Brothers
  9. UHF
  10. The Wiz

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