Sausage Party (2016) Season 05 Episode 46

This week we are going to the grocery store, for episode forty-six of season five, of Flicks XRayed because we are watching and reviewing Sausage Party. Host, Seer of the Fourth Dimension Tony is joined by co-host Canadian Six Pack Taylor and guests Dave Noodles, and Sorbitol Maltitol Xylitol Mannitol Calcium Carbonite Soy Lecithin Triglyceride and Talc, also known as just Chris for short. This week we play a game of Release year for Raunchy Comedy Movies, The Price is Right and The Flicks Awesome Lodge Word Game for the coveted pretty princess crown. So tune in as we discuss at length about The Seth Rogan Gang, Animators, Creepy Lore and sooo much more.

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Our Ratings

Sorbitol Maltitol Xylitol Mannitol Calcium Carbonite Soy Lecithin Triglyceride and Talc, also known as just Chris for short 4

Dave Noodles 3

Canadian 6 Pack Taylor 3

Seer of the Fourth Dimension Tony 3.5

9/20 45%

Synopsis and Starring

Synopsis: Life is good for all the food items that occupy the shelves at the local supermarket. Frank the sausage, Brenda the hot dog bun, Teresa Taco and Sammy Bagel Jr. can’t wait to go home with a happy customer. Soon, their world comes crashing down as poor Frank learns the horrifying truth that he will eventually become a meal. After warning his pals about their similar fate, the panicked perishables devise a plan to escape from their human enemies.

Directed by Greg Tiernan, Conrad Vernon

Seth Rogan as Frank
Kristen Wig as Brenda
Nick Kroll as Douche
Salma Hayek as Teresa Taco
Craig Robinson as Mr. Grits
Michael Cera as Barry
Jonah Hill as Carl
James Franco as Druggie
David Krumholtz as Lavash
Edward Nortan as Sammy

Game 1

Release Year for Rauchy Comedy Movies

Sausage Party.……….2016

  1. Animal House.……….1978
  1. Fast Times at Ridgemont High………. 1982
  1. Kingpin……….1996
  1. There’s Something About Mary.……….1998
  1. American Pie.……….1999
  1. Super Troopers……….2001
  1. Superbad……….2007
  1. Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle.……….2004
  1. The Hangover……….2009
  2. Caddyshack……….1980
  3. Eurotrip……….2004

Game 2

The Figures

Budget $19,000,000 (estimated)
Bonus 1: Opening Weekend34,263,534
Rotten Tomatoes Ratings
Critic Ratings:
Audience Ratings:

IMDB Rating:61% (6.1)

Game 3

The Awesome Lodge Word Game

Movies with Kristen Wig – Dave

  1. Bridesmaids
  2. How to Train your Dragon
  3. Ghostbusters
  4. Wonder Woman 1984
  5. Paul
  6. Despicable Me
  7. MacGruber
  8. Whip It
  9. Extract
  10. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Inanimate things come to life Movies – Chris

  1. Toy story
  2. Brave Little Toaster
  3. Child’s Play
  4. Pinocchio
  5. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
  6. Christine
  7. The Lego Movie
  8. Beauty and the Beast
  9. Gnomeo & Juliet
  10. The Indian in the Cupboard

Movies With Seth Rogan -Dave

  1. Pineapple Express
  2. Knocked Up
  3. This is the End
  4. Neighbors
  5. The Interview
  6. The Lion King
  7. The Guilt Trip
  8. 50/50
  9. Funny people
  10. Monsters vs. Aliens

2016 Box Office Topping Movies – Chris

  1. Deadpool
  2. Secret Life of Pets
  3. The Magnificent Seven
  4. Don’t Breathe
  5. Suicide Squad
  6. Finding Dory
  7. The Boss
  8. Zootopia
  9. Moana
  10. Doctor Strange

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