Attack The Block Season 01 Episode 04


Season 1 Episode 4 of Flicks XRayed is about the film Attack the Block, Jeff and Tony are Joined by The sound guy James and Josh the Brit. Listen as we discuss if the script was made using a shot gun.


Link Dump

Nick Frost – IMDB
Paul – IMDB
Chappelle Show –YouTube
Misfits – IMDB
Chris Pine – IMDB
Ryan Reynolds – IMDB
Smokin Aces – IMDB
Ray Leotta – IMDB
The Watch – IMDB
Laser Team – IMDB
End of Watch – IMDB
Sharknado – IMDB
Avalanche Sharks – IMDB
Flying the English Flag – Info
Guy Forks Day/Bonfire Night – Info
Mythbusters – IMDB
John Carpenters The Thing – IMDB
Psycho – IMDB
Ghost Shark – IMDB

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