Seven Pounds Season 01 Episode 02


Season 1 Episode 2 of Flicks XRayed is about the film Seven Pounds, Jeff and Tony are Joined by The sound guy James and the Grandpa Muffin. Listen as the hypothesize what the film would be like staring other leads.


Link Dump

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Best Bran Muffin Recipe – Info

Charlie Sheen – IMDB

The Hangover: Part III  – IMDB

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Rosie O’Donnell – IMDB

The Pursuit of HappinessIMDB

Will Smith Life Size Cutout – Info

Plenty of Fish – Link

MIT – Link

Texting and Driving Laws – Info

Guantanimo Bay – Info

The Lord of the RingsInfo

San Diego Aquarium- Info

M.A.D.D. – Info

Eye Transplant – Info

Silence Of The LambsIMDB

Mr Burns – YouTube

Donald Trump – YouTube

Men in Black IIIMDB

The Muppet MovieIMDB

Men in Black 3IMDB

Chevy Chase – IMDB


Vin Diesel – IMDB

Kraft Dinner Original Macaroni & Cheese – Amazon


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